A. Viola, Sinfonia di Bianco 18'


 Tasting notes

#Complex  #DryApricot  #Cinnamon

A dry, complex, and aromatic orange wine - the product of a 6 day maceration on the skins, and chestnut barrels aging for 7 months.

Aromas of quince, dry apricot with spices / cinnamon + herbal elements.
Racy acidity, gentle tannins for a medium body wine. 

Enjoy lighty chilled.

Only 1000 bottles produced.


"In wine there are a number of perfect chemical balance, only nature can come to that. Who are we to make best of nature?"

The winery philosophy is very simple, produce wine using only grapes, no only for ethical reasons but for a conviction gained over the years it brings better results.

Alessandro Viola hand harvest 7 hectares of vineyard in organic and biodynamic farming. 

 Natural - Vegan - Unfiltered
Grillo - Italy, Terre Siciliane IGT
750 mL - 12.5% ABV


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