8 Wired Juice Juice Baby *4


"All right stop, carbonate and listen
We’re back with a brand new creation
Hops, grab a hold of me tightly
Haze but my gold malt shines brightly
Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know
Mad hops, gotta plant and grow
To the extreme we drop haze like a vandal
So much juice on the stage,
brewers shoutin’ scandal.
Juice Juice Baby, Juice Juice Baby"

8 Wired is a microbrewery who's aim is to produce mind-blowing beers that will wow craft beer lovers.
Their brewing style is mainly focused on what they call "new world interpretations of old world styles".
Over the years they have created a vast award-winning range of beers, often making the obscure enjoyable and always through ingenuity in flavour.

Warkworth, New-Zealand
330 mL - 6,7% ABV
BB 2020/09/26


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