Furlani, Macerato


 Tasting notes

'Sunset Wine'


Pinot Grigio but probably unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Trapped inside a cloud of soft-focus pink and looking like a magic potion this fully natural, unfined and unfiltered, slightly sparkling wine by Matteo Furlani is as dreamy as they come, and we’re not just referring to its looks.

Like Champagne, the juice is fermented twice, once in tank and once in the bottle, where it receives no added sugar or yeast to produce the necessary carbon dioxide. How bubbly they become is down to Mother Nature’s mood and the timing of the winemaker. A puff of smoke rises from the bottle and into your glass goes one of nature’s most beautiful hues, with all the crisp fruit and subtle herbaceous notes of the alpine hills that overlook the city of Trento.


No herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used at Cantina Furlani; there’s no added sulphur in this bottle, and the vineyard is biodynamic to boot. If you ever wondered what a sunset tastes like – or indeed, what Pinot Grigio is capable of when it’s left to express itself naturally, this is that wine.

Matteo Furlani, "Macerato" 2018

Pinot Grigio
Alto Adige, Italy
Orange - Sparkling / Pétillant Naturel

11.5% ABV
 Organic, Biodynamic, Natural

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