Frozen Daiquiri


Nothing says summer like a frozen daiquiri
Bursting with flavor
Ice cold until the very last sip!

In Your Kit

  • Bacardi Carta Oro (750mL)
  • Särklass syrup (250mL)
  • Orange juice (Santal - 1L)
  • Mango juice (Compal - 1L)
  • Lemon juice (200mL)
  • Fresh orange
  • Ice cubes
  • Straws

Make it @ Home

  • Grab your blender and add 1 glass of ice
  • Add in all of the ingredients
  • Blend the alcohol, juice and ice together for a couple of seconds to chop things up
  • Add more ice as needed — continue adding ice until the blend turns a nice thick consistency
  • Pour into your choice of glasses and decorate with a fresh orange slice


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